Why is low play-through better?

Online casino bonus hunters have traditionally been used to a lack of choice when it came to casinos to play at. Therefore these casinos traditionally used to exploit this and impose wagering requirements on bonuses that sometimes far exceeded 30x. Now with markets opening up, it is good to see that 30x wagering is now considered at the high end of the scale. See some tips at { http://www.1casino-bonuses.eu/ }

Understanding the wagering requirement

The wagering requirements normally attached to online casino bonuses simply means that the payer has to wager or play through the bonus money and the winnings a number of times before this money is converted to a cash amount that can be withdrawn by the player. This will be expressed and displayed in the bonus terms and conditions as a multiplier, e.g. 30x.

To add a practical example for context: If a player accepts a $50 casino bonus with an expressed wagering requirement of 30x, then this means that the the player needs to wager through the bonus amount to the tune of $1500 before he is able to cash that bonus money in and withdraw it from his account. This requirement will be stated in the bonus terms.


What other limits can casinos impose?

Apart from wagering requirements that casinos put on bonuses that are awarded to players, there can also be other limits imposed such as betting limits, i.e. the player can only wager a maximum of $5 per spin at a time, thus limiting the potential winnings from that spin. Another restriction that could be applied is that a bonus is only available to players from certain countries, depending on regulation.

Furthermore, and although not an explicit player restriction, is the fact that some games contribute more to the wagering requirements than others. For example slot games can contribute the highest play-through requirements and could be as high as 50x but on the other end of the scale, table games such as roulette or blackjack can contribute a low 5x. This should be stipulated in the terms as it varies.

What other low-wagering tricks do casinos employ?

Although a lot of new casinos are selling their bonus offerings with very low wagering requirements (usually below 30x) there are other tricks that they can employ to restrict wagering. Certain casinos can offer a combination bonus package such as free spins with a deposit bonus. But attach low wagering requirements to the free spin part but high wagering requirements on the deposit bonus part.

  • Low wagering requirements on part of the bonus
  • Time limits on low wagering
  • Restricted games
  • Limited bet sizes
  • Deposit method restrictions

Certain casinos can also impose time limits on the low wagering conditions so that they only last for a certain time. Depending on the type of bonus, this can range from a few hours or a few days. The casino can impose a deposit method restriction on the bonus, meaning that the method used to place a deposit can determine if the bonus has low or high wagering requirements.

Why do casinos impose wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements are placed on bonuses by casinos to prevent or minimize bonus abuse by players. There are bonus abusers out there that hop from casino to casino just accepting no deposit welcome bonuses, playing through the requirements and then withdrawing potential winnings and then moving to the next enticing offer. Wagering requirements can allow the casino to forge a long term relationship with the player.

Casinos also use enticing reload deposit bonuses to keep the player making deposits with the same casino. It typically costs more money for a casino to acquire a player than to retain that player. So tying the player into a welcome bonus with wagering requirements will allow the player to play longer and hopefully in this time, the casino can pull out all its retention guns.

To conclude low wagering bonuses

It is clear that traditionally, online casinos had carte blanche when it came to setting high wagering requirements on bonuses as players had little other choice. Now with more casinos entering the market, the new USP is for casinos to punt low wagering requirements on bonuses. However, the small print around these bonuses becomes more critical for the player to understand so that there are no disputes around withdrawals.

Players are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the terms and conditions of the bonus that they are interested in before they claim them. Also, the casino's overall promotional terms and conditions will also be instrumental to guide the player. Some terms and conditions are usually written in legaleze making it difficult to understand. Players are advised to reach out to Support to have a human explain the terms.